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For this writer’s choice, I chose to highlight an individual I know and am very close to, breaking into the business world on her very own.

Cyrendipity is an independent business run by my best friend, Cyrena Forbes.

Cyrena Forbes

Photo Credit: Adrian Creary

Cyrena Forbes is a 23 year old recent graduate from the Caribbean School of Architecture with an architectural degree. She lives in Kingston, Jamaica and works at an architectural design firm, but on the side, she does some other things that she loves.

I grew up with Cyrena and she has always been creative and crafty. It has always been something that she has been good at and excelled in, and now she’s turned it into a business of her own.

Cyrena makes jewellery, lamps, bags, hair accessories, paintings, redesigns rooms, etc. She has also painted murals in people’s homes and has been hired as an interior holiday decorator. She is an artist who works with different types of media. She has always had a creative eye and I have always been jealous of her ability to bring her ideas to life.

Cyrendipity has a Facebook page where the products are posted with prices. Fans of the business can like the page and also make orders from it. The link to the Facebook: Cyrendipity.

Cyrendipity was recently featured in the Jamaican newspaper The Gleaner. Here is the link to the article about her business: From lego houses to fashionable jewellery – Flair – Jamaica Gleaner – Monday | August 8, 2011.

People have been finding out about her business all over and have been featuring her in many different areas. Cyrena has also been featured in another blog “GREEN THUMB…PINK SPOON“.

Cyrena was also interviewed on TV about her independent business Cyrendipity shortly after.

It has been taking off and doing well and I am extremely proud of her.

Apartment Living

Photo Credit: apartment-design.onsugar.com

Apartment living in college can be great but it also has its disadvantages.

Living off campus is great because with the school we attend, there are some things that aren’t allowed that you are free to do if you live off-campus. One of the things that is great about living in an apartment off-campus is that I can have co-ed events. At Southeastern University, we are not allowed to have the opposite sex in our rooms, so that is a great advantage to living off-campus.

I love being able to have my guy friends over to just watch a movie, have dinner, or just hang out together. Also, because I have a boyfriend, it makes it much easier for us to spend time together just hanging out.

I remember when I used to live on campus and we would want to watch a movie together, it was practically impossible. There were 3 lobbies that you could go to to watch a movie, 3! Guess how many times we found one of those that were open. If you wanted to go to any of the 3rd floor lobbies, you had to cart along your own TV and DVD player. So being able to just sit in my living room and watch a movie with my boyfriend like a normal couple is great!

But there are some disadvantages to living off-campus. One of the greatest disadvantages I’ve found is that it is hard to stay a part of the community. I feel as though because you’re not on campus, readily accessible in a way, people forget to remember you. You have to make much more of an effort to stay connected. You also have to put in more effort to know school events  that are going on so you’re not missing out.

All in all though, I really enjoy living off-campus. You have to put more effort in, yes, but I would say it is worth it.

Don't bother me i'm pinning

Photo Credit: allthingshendrick.blogspot.com

Pinterest has become one of my new favorite social media sites. If you haven’t been on Pinterest, get on it! It’s growing like wild fire. I think most people think Pinterest to be a girly website but I think anyone can do it. I think guys that make fun of other guys for having a Pinterest are just not secure enough with themselves to try it out. Just my two cents.

Pinterest is a social media site that is almost like scrap-booking but without the mess or the expense. It is a virtual pinboard. It allows you to pin, organize and share the things you love on the web. Pinterest can be used to do anything from catalogue your favorite recipes to planning your wedding. And best of all, you can browse through other people’s pinboards and see what interesting things they have.

I’ve heard Pinterest is a lot like Tumblr but more organized. I have no idea really whether or not it is similar to Tumblr because I’ve never used it but I’ll take people’s word for it.

I love Pinterest, especially since I am such a visual person, it is a great site for me. It is also great for me, because I am really bad when it comes to keeping paper. I am constantly losing paper, so Pinterest is perfect because I don’t have to worry about losing anything, it will always be right in the same place.

Pinterest has become a great source of ideas for me, whether it’s fashion, hairstyles or even fitness. I recently started getting back into working out because of Pinterest. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. I have a fitness board that I use to find different work-out routines.

I also have found some cute hairstyles that I do on myself every once in a while when I blank on what to do with my hair. It’s a part of “Hair, Nails and Makeup” board.


Oh to have been born in the time period when men were “Gentlemen” and women were “Ladies”.

There are very few Ladies and Gentlemen left in this day and age. It is quite hard to find a woman who you can call a lady or a man who you can call a gentleman. I have a few guy friends who I am close with that wish there were still ladies like Audrey Hepburn around. And on the flip side, I also have girl friends who I’ve heard ask where all the gentlemen in the world have gone and I agree.

Oh to have lived in the days when men, gentlemen, respected women. Gentlemen would stand and take off their hat when a lady entered the room. A lady would never have to open her own door, neither house nor car. A gentleman would have never spit in front of a lady, curse in front of a lady, I believe even smoke in front of a lady.

Ladies were treated with respect. They were never whistled after, whooped at, never spoken to as an object of lust.They were wooed and waited on.

To have lived in the days when ladies respected their men and themselves. Ladies would never wear such revealing clothes as is done today. Ladies always dressed with class, were never not fully dressed up. Ladies would never have been seen out in sweatpants or basketball shorts. Ladies would wear hats according to the occasion and have tea time. Ladies would respect their men and cook and iron for their men.

I wish i had lived in this time period, if only for the fashion. Audrey Hepburn teach me how to be a lady! Why is it that our culture has allowed for our men and women to have such complete disrespect for one another? When did this way of living become okay?

I will continue in my way and in the pursuit of becoming a lady and hopefully others will follow suit. Fingers crossed.

Source: google.com via Tiana on Pinterest






Rita’s Italian Ice is one of my favorite places to grab a treat. It’s a little out of the way, located on Bartow down by the other Publix in Highlands, and also by the Lakeland Mall, but it’s worth it. If you walked down El Prado during Club Rush, they had a stand that was giving out free samples of Rita’s Italian Ice and free coupons to use WITHOUT expiration. The best thing about the coupons was that you could take it to any of the Rita’s locations and if you didn’t want an Italian ice, you could upgrade it to a custard or a gelati for only a $1 with the coupon.

If you haven’t been to Rita’s, I would definitely recommend it. Rita’s custards is one of my favorite desserts.

Interesting fact: Rita’s dates back to 1984. A former Philadelphia firefighter decided to open a small Italian Ice business to supplement his income. He opened his first store in Bensalem, Philadelphia and named it after his wife Rita.

I never even knew Rita’s existed before i came to school at Southeastern. I don’t believe there is a Rita’s close to where I live. Now that I’m here, I am very glad to have found it.

In 2009, Rita’s celebrated their 25th anniversary.

I’ve never been much of a fitness junky or a health food nut, but as I get older, i am beginning to realize the importance of it all. It’s starting to hit me that even though I STRONGLY, emphasis on strongly, dislike working out and eating healthy. I am a junk food, sit on the couch and hang out type of girl.

I used to be active when I was younger, and I have tried to get on a consistent workout routine since I have been at college, but it’s been a lot harder than i thought it would be. Personally, it’s hard to find the motivation to work out and also, it’s hard to eat healthy when you’re a college student. Your sleep schedule is far from normal and you eat what you can, when you can, and if you’re not too broke.

Recently though, I have made it my goal to get back into a routine of working out, eating healthy-er, and being active. I found things that I like to do to help me be active during the week. My boyfriend and I both like to dance and we’ve found a Salsa dance class on campus that we go to every week, to not only learn some new dance steps but to be active. We are also a part of an Access church small group which plays Ultimate Frisbee one night a week, another way we have fun while staying active.

Pinterest, surprisingly, has been a source of inspiration and motivation for me. I have made a board on Pinterest specifically for fitness and health. I have found a lot of helpful exercise routines to get started and grocery shopping lists of healthy foods and snacks. There are many different exercises for different parts of the body and you can even find photos of people on there with bodies that you may want to set as your goal to motivate you.

Here are some things I found helpful.

Travel. One of my all-time favorite words and actions. Dictionary.com describes it as “to go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship; take a trip; journey..” I describe it as experience. Seeing God’s creativity in all the different areas of the world. I would not know what to do with myself if I could not travel. It boggles my mind when people tell me they don’t have a passport. “What?! No Passport?! How do you sleep at night?!” Of course they answer “Quite well.” But to me, not having a passport is such a horrible way to live. How have you never been outside of your country?

I have not done that much traveling but I would like to have seen a good amount of the world before I die. The whole world is not necessarily on my list of places to go, but a good part of it is.

One of the areas I am most interested in visiting is Europe. I love Europe. I love the idea of Europe and I love it in itself. I have been to England multiple times during the summer and it is one of my favorite places on Earth. Yes, it’s rainy and cold, but it’s beautiful. I would accept the weather for the beauty. I love the English accent, I love the proper English that is used there, I love the architecture, I could go on for a while.

A few of the places I’ve been to are:

  • Jamaica, I was born and spent my childhood years there
  • England
  • Scotland
  • France
  • Cayman Islands
  • Bahamas
  • Trinidad

Even though I’ve been to all these countries, I haven’t seen a lot of the U.S. I have only been to 4 states thus far:

  • Florida
  • New York
  • Tennessee
  • Minnesota

Source: None via Tiana on Pinterest

I plan to see more of the States soon. A state that I would really like to visit is California. I heard it has all the things I like: beaches, mountains, seasons, city, country, sun, and snow. Should be interesting to find out if it’s anything I expect it to be.

Traveling is something I would recommend to anyone. It’s so freeing. I don’t feel as if I’ve really lived if I haven’t traveled the world. Please, if you don’t have a passport, get one immediately. There are beautiful places out there waiting to be explored.


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