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Living On Your Own

Posted on: November 19, 2011

Apartment Living

Photo Credit: apartment-design.onsugar.com

Apartment living in college can be great but it also has its disadvantages.

Living off campus is great because with the school we attend, there are some things that aren’t allowed that you are free to do if you live off-campus. One of the things that is great about living in an apartment off-campus is that I can have co-ed events. At Southeastern University, we are not allowed to have the opposite sex in our rooms, so that is a great advantage to living off-campus.

I love being able to have my guy friends over to just watch a movie, have dinner, or just hang out together. Also, because I have a boyfriend, it makes it much easier for us to spend time together just hanging out.

I remember when I used to live on campus and we would want to watch a movie together, it was practically impossible. There were 3 lobbies that you could go to to watch a movie, 3! Guess how many times we found one of those that were open. If you wanted to go to any of the 3rd floor lobbies, you had to cart along your own TV and DVD player. So being able to just sit in my living room and watch a movie with my boyfriend like a normal couple is great!

But there are some disadvantages to living off-campus. One of the greatest disadvantages I’ve found is that it is hard to stay a part of the community. I feel as though because you’re not on campus, readily accessible in a way, people forget to remember you. You have to make much more of an effort to stay connected. You also have to put in more effort to know school events  that are going on so you’re not missing out.

All in all though, I really enjoy living off-campus. You have to put more effort in, yes, but I would say it is worth it.


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