Tiana Holding

Blogging Gone Live!

Posted on: November 11, 2011

For this week’s Topic of the Week, we had to use either Coveritlive or Storify to create a live blog. I chose to use Storify to live blog on SEU’s Hard Rock Talent

  1. Here we go… #seuhardrocktalent 1.5 hours
  2. @seuniversity cant wait to see Sarah Grinder perform 🙂 #seuhardrocktalent
  3. here at Bush Chapel waiting for the show to begin…
  4. #hardrocktalentseu is happening!! #SEUpreviewdays
  5. A Sound Asleep ❤ I love you guys!!!! #hardrocktalentseu #SEUpreviewdays
  6. First song “i love rock and roll”. Great start! #SEUhardrocktalent
  7. This kid can rap danggg #seuhardrocktalent
  8. Dixon’s dancers Dancing to adele someone like you – so good!! #SEUhardrocktalent
  9. “You’re like the Gospel on Redbull” Matt Huet….. #hardrocktalent
  10. @matthuett says your voice is like a pumpkin spice latte and a snuggie wrapped in one. #hardrocktalent is killing it.
  11. RT @SoFiggie: “@RiveraMarcos: I’d buy that CD. #Bonnie&Jyde” #hardrocktalent @SEUsblc
  12. RT @rachie_face: Lindsey and Katelyn could be the voices for Disney princesses. 🙂 #hardrocktalent
  13. He’s not Caleb berry #sorryimnotsorry #seuhardrocktalent
  14. #RDG #SoSick #HardRockTalent #Amazing !
  15. #hardrocktalent wow! Great talent tonight!!!!! Thank you to all who came out! #lovemylife
  16. RDG KILLED IT!!!! LOVE THEM!!! #HardRockTalent
  18. Pretty good show overall. Wish there were more talents but good show #SEUhardrocktalent
  19. Thank you again @matthuett for your words of inspiration tonight “you have redefined spirit fingers.” #hardrocktalent
  20. RDG brought it tonight. Up there showing some diversity. #hardrocktalent
  21. #hardrocktalent Dixon dances are still #1 in my heart!!!
  22. Bonnie and Jive, Sarah Grinder, and RDg are your 3 finalists for #hardrocktalent
  23. Bonnie and Jive!! Lesssss go ladies! #hardrocktalent
  24. Just voted 50 times for Bonnie & Vibe! #hardrocktalent
  25. A music major can only take so much in one night. #hardrocktalent
  26. Charlie Mims and Rebecca Vargas, great job!!!! I love your SEU remix…. #seuhardrocktalent #SEUpreviewdays
  27. White people: if you wanna know what Charlie means by “bojee” see Urban Dictionary #seuhardrocktalent
  28. @kentingle in the building for #hardrocktalent!!
  29. #HardRockTalent was beast. Shout out to everyone that performed…you guys rocked!
  30. #hardrocktalent some good talent tonight. Idk how I feel about it over all. Kinda dead tonight
  31. Definitely thinking about doing the talent show next year. #SEUHardRockTalent
  32. Here’s my top three for tonight! Bonnie and Jive, Sarah Grinder, and @matthuett!! #HardRockTalent
  33. Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Southeastern #hardrocktalent
  34. It was nice to see @MarthaMunizzi @seuniversity supporting @daniellegant #hardrocktalent
  35. Congrats to Sarah Grinder for winning #hardrocktalent #SEUpreviewdays
  36. Congrats Sarah Grinder! #seuhardrocktalent

If you’re looking into live blogging using Storify, a few things i would suggest are:
1. to definitely sign up for a Twitter account if you don’t have one. Twitter is the most accessible social media site when using Storify. It is much easier to find the things you’re looking for.
2. Check to make sure that your phone is capable of using apps like Twitter.
3. Also check to make sure you don’t have any problems uploading pictures to your Twitter account from your phone. Do a test run before the actual event so you’re not frustrated the day of because you can’t figure it out. If it doesn’t work, look into apps you can download to easily upload photos to your account.
4. Tell your friends who you know are attending the event to post under “#whateveryouwant” so everything for the event is organized and easily searchable.
5. Make sure to make posts and take lots of pictures while you’re there. It’s better to have too much than not enough.

Now that you’ve seen an example and gotten a few tips, try it! See what happens! You may find that live blogging is your niche.


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