Tiana Holding

Polls, Surveys, Graphs, Charts and More

Posted on: October 28, 2011

Polls, surveys, graphs, charts, quizzes, ratings… these are all infographics. Infographics are simply visual aid graphics that convey information or data. Remember the Pie charts and the Venn diagrams we used to use in high school? Well those are infographics. But what we’re talking about here is not Pie charts or Venn diagrams, we need to move into the grown up world of infographics. Infographics can be so much cooler than the graphs and charts we’re used to and they’re useful too!

Infographics are useful because they can be used to turn complex, complicated data into easy to understand pictures. If you had a client that you were writing a story for and they needed a way to get their readers to understand some data that may otherwise be hard to put into words, you can turn it into a picture or infographic. People understand pictures. And the data doesn’t even need to be complicated to put it into an infographic. You could simply just want to use a picture to get the point across in a more vivid way. Sometimes when people read statistics, it’s not as impactful to them as it would be if they were to see a visual image of the information. I mean think about it. A picture says a thousand words. When you go to a restaurant, don’t you prefer to see the pictures of the food than to read through the menu? The pictures are what grab and entice you, the same goes for any kind of information. Pictures speak louder than words.

So how do you go about making one of these infographics? Well I am not so trained in the art of infographic-making myself so here are a few websites i found helpful:
Create Outstanding Infographics
Free Tools To Making Infographics

Here is an example of an infographic i found on visual.ly:

by Proust via


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