Tiana Holding

All Results Are Not Created Equal

Posted on: October 28, 2011

Filter Bubbles. Well Before I saw this video, I would not have known they existed.You’re probably still wondering what filter bubbles are so I will tell you. Filter bubbles are a concept developed by Eli Pariser, where websites filter the information that they give to you by your past actions. Basically, they only give you the information they think you want to have based on things that you have clicked on, liked, or searched for in the past.

Pariser points out Google in his video, using them as an example of how filter bubbles work. He shows two separate people, searching the same thing at the same time, yet they come up with very different results. Why? Because they are filtering the responses based on the individual’s computer history. If you normally go for news over entertainment, your search will come up with news related headlines related to your search.

I knew something like this existed because I noticed that on Facebook, the ads on the side of the page would change based on something I wrote or liked or had listed in my info “favorites”. Although, even though I knew this kind of concept existed, I had no idea it was being so widely used. I’m not sure if I really like the concept. I mean yes, it’ll probably help with getting to the things I like more easily, but I don’t want my horizon to be shortened into only the things I like. I want to be able to find everything that’s out there. If I keep choosing the same kind of things, then I keep choosing them, but let it be my choice.


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