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Posted on: October 15, 2011






Rita’s Italian Ice is one of my favorite places to grab a treat. It’s a little out of the way, located on Bartow down by the other Publix in Highlands, and also by the Lakeland Mall, but it’s worth it. If you walked down El Prado during Club Rush, they had a stand that was giving out free samples of Rita’s Italian Ice and free coupons to use WITHOUT expiration. The best thing about the coupons was that you could take it to any of the Rita’s locations and if you didn’t want an Italian ice, you could upgrade it to a custard or a gelati for only a $1 with the coupon.

If you haven’t been to Rita’s, I would definitely recommend it. Rita’s custards is one of my favorite desserts.

Interesting fact: Rita’s dates back to 1984. A former Philadelphia firefighter decided to open a small Italian Ice business to supplement his income. He opened his first store in Bensalem, Philadelphia and named it after his wife Rita.

I never even knew Rita’s existed before i came to school at Southeastern. I don’t believe there is a Rita’s close to where I live. Now that I’m here, I am very glad to have found it.

In 2009, Rita’s celebrated their 25th anniversary.


3 Responses to "Ice.Custard.Happiness"

I recently went to the Rita’s on N. Florida for the first time because my friend had a coupon but to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. Some people like crunching on ice but I’ve never really enjoyed it. I got flavored Italian ice and for me, it wasn’t really enjoyable. It tasted good but I didn’t really feel like having that much of it and I got the smallest size. I might like the custard stuff so maybe I’ll give it another try. I didn’t know that a former Philadelphia firefighter opened it and named it after his wife Rita. That’s pretty interesting!

That is disappointing to hear. I guess Italian Ice isn’t for everyone, but I do think you should try the custard. My favorite thing they have i believe is called a Gelato. It’s custard with the ice. But i guess if you don’t like the ice at all, you probably wouldn’t like it. But yes, i definitely think you should try the custard. =)

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