Tiana Holding

I Was Born In The Wrong Decade

Posted on: October 15, 2011

Oh to have been born in the time period when men were “Gentlemen” and women were “Ladies”.

There are very few Ladies and Gentlemen left in this day and age. It is quite hard to find a woman who you can call a lady or a man who you can call a gentleman. I have a few guy friends who I am close with that wish there were still ladies like Audrey Hepburn around. And on the flip side, I also have girl friends who I’ve heard ask where all the gentlemen in the world have gone and I agree.

Oh to have lived in the days when men, gentlemen, respected women. Gentlemen would stand and take off their hat when a lady entered the room. A lady would never have to open her own door, neither house nor car. A gentleman would have never spit in front of a lady, curse in front of a lady, I believe even smoke in front of a lady.

Ladies were treated with respect. They were never whistled after, whooped at, never spoken to as an object of lust.They were wooed and waited on.

To have lived in the days when ladies respected their men and themselves. Ladies would never wear such revealing clothes as is done today. Ladies always dressed with class, were never not fully dressed up. Ladies would never have been seen out in sweatpants or basketball shorts. Ladies would wear hats according to the occasion and have tea time. Ladies would respect their men and cook and iron for their men.

I wish i had lived in this time period, if only for the fashion. Audrey Hepburn teach me how to be a lady! Why is it that our culture has allowed for our men and women to have such complete disrespect for one another? When did this way of living become okay?

I will continue in my way and in the pursuit of becoming a lady and hopefully others will follow suit. Fingers crossed.

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4 Responses to "I Was Born In The Wrong Decade"

Awesome post Tiana! Very interesting things were said here. I like how you stated men want women a certain way and women want men a certain way. It is very true. And don’t worry others will follow you!! You are a great example of a lady.

[…] 2. | johnyfernandez October 15, 2011 at 9:33 pm […]

Lol. Well thank you Johny! Appreciate the comment! I think it’s funny that men complain about women an at the same time, they treat women they do, and women complain about men and yet they don’t change anything about themselves. If you want a gentleman, you need to act like a lady and vice versa.

[…] I Was Born In The Wrong Decade […]

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