Tiana Holding

Get Fit and Healthy

Posted on: October 15, 2011

I’ve never been much of a fitness junky or a health food nut, but as I get older, i am beginning to realize the importance of it all. It’s starting to hit me that even though I STRONGLY, emphasis on strongly, dislike working out and eating healthy. I am a junk food, sit on the couch and hang out type of girl.

I used to be active when I was younger, and I have tried to get on a consistent workout routine since I have been at college, but it’s been a lot harder than i thought it would be. Personally, it’s hard to find the motivation to work out and also, it’s hard to eat healthy when you’re a college student. Your sleep schedule is far from normal and you eat what you can, when you can, and if you’re not too broke.

Recently though, I have made it my goal to get back into a routine of working out, eating healthy-er, and being active. I found things that I like to do to help me be active during the week. My boyfriend and I both like to dance and we’ve found a Salsa dance class on campus that we go to every week, to not only learn some new dance steps but to be active. We are also a part of an Access church small group which plays Ultimate Frisbee one night a week, another way we have fun while staying active.

Pinterest, surprisingly, has been a source of inspiration and motivation for me. I have made a board on Pinterest specifically for fitness and health. I have found a lot of helpful exercise routines to get started and grocery shopping lists of healthy foods and snacks. There are many different exercises for different parts of the body and you can even find photos of people on there with bodies that you may want to set as your goal to motivate you.

Here are some things I found helpful.


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