Tiana Holding

It’s All In Your Head

Posted on: September 29, 2011

The World Wide Web. Yeah, it goes around the entire world. With such a vast platform, there is obviously a lot of material out there for people to get. With the millions of people out there writing and posting on the web, how are you going to make people read your stuff. Well, the answer to that question is all in your head. No, really! Your headline is what is going to make people choose your writings over others. Here are a few quick tips on how to get noticed.

1. Make it interesting, attention grabbing. Your headline is the hook that will get people to read your story.

2. Use good keywords. Make sure it’s easy to find through a search database.

3. Check your headline idea. Type it into Google and search. See if it’s similar to others and what you may need to do to make it stand out.

4. Keep it short. If it’s short, it’s easy to share. The less characters, the easier it is for people to pass it along on Twitter or Facebook, etc.

5. Spice it up. Add pictures, video or sound to make your post more visually grabbing.

6. Don’t Abbreviate. Type out the entire word. It will make it easier to find in a search.

7. Proofread. You don’t want to have any spelling or grammatical errors. It’s embarrassing.

8. Summarize your content.

9. Make sure that your headline is not a completely different subject or tone from your content. If you trick people, they won’t want to come back to your posts.

10. Be yourself. People like to see personality. If you can subtly show your personality through your headline, it will automatically make it more interesting than others.


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