Tiana Holding

Paper vs. Computer

Posted on: September 13, 2011

With the world constantly updating it’s technology, how long is paper still going to be in use? Paper is “going out of style”, so to speak. Our culture is getting further and further away from its roots. Literally, as paper comes from trees, trees have roots. Corny? Well it’s still true. We are all about technology and lately, technological advancements have been coming more and more quickly. In a world that’s leaving paper in the dust- yes, another pun- and using technology for almost everything we do, how is our writing affected? Do we have to change our writing style for online reading? Yes we do. To help you adjust to the technological world we now live in, here are some dos and don’ts to writing for online reading.

DO forget what you learned in English class. It does not apply.

DON’T elaborate a story to make it longer.

DO write in shorter paragraphs. People reading online are turned off by big paragraphs.

DON’T have vague error messages. Dumb your messages down. Use messages that someone who has never used a computer would understand.

DO add multimedia. Photos and videos make your post more captivating.

DON’T try to use big words to make yourself seem more intellectual. Just say what you mean. People don’t want to have to go get a dictionary in order to read your writing.

DO bold and bullet point ideas. If you can get your content across in bullet points, do. It’s easier to read.

DON’T just be another boring writer. Put your personality into your writing. It makes your posts more appealing.

DO link to other pages that may relate to what you’re talking about and could be beneficial to your reader.

DO use captions for your images. In case they don’t load or someone is using a slow bandwidth, they can have an idea of what was supposed to be there.


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