Tiana Holding

Think you’re a grammar King or Queen? Check again.

Posted on: September 10, 2011

This week’s NewsU course was called Cleaning Your Copy. This course was all about grammar, style, punctuation and spelling. I’ve always excelled with English and so going into this, i thought it would be a breeze. What a surprise it was for me when i took the pre-assessment test and found my results were relatively low. I found out that I have problems with AP style and punctuation. Who knew?

Through this course, I found out that I excel in the areas of grammar and spelling. This course, for me, was kind of an eye opener into the areas where my skills are lacking, and areas that I need to work on. I’ve found that i have a lot of problems with numbers. I struggle with knowing when to spell the numbers out, when to just put the number, and when to hyphenate in between numbers and words. Another area i struggled with was abbreviations, especially to do with addresses. I was very unsure on when the addresses should be spelled out or abbreviated, such as Street or St.

After completing this course, i find myself to be more uncertain in the accuracy of my writing. I have learned what I am good at, but also having what I am bad at revealed to me has made me question myself in my writing. I have realized that it is necessary for me to now go and spend some time in the areas in which I am lacking so that I may become a better writer than i may have originally thought myself to be. I guess I better be hitting the books, and by books i really mean book: The AP Style Guide. I think I will also be doing some digging around on Grammar girl’s website so I can be as proficient in my writing as I would like to be.


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