Tiana Holding

Freshmen: Listen up!

Posted on: September 9, 2011

Listen, we get it. You’re new to school and you wanna seem cool, maybe reinvent yourself, and talk to as many people as possible, but just calm down. Here are some dos and don’ts of your new college life:

DO take time getting to know people. Socialize! And yes, it’s cliche, but get out on El Prado after dinner and meet new people.

DO NOT play the guitar in front of the cafe. It will not get you girls.

DO NOT be loud and obnoxious, it does not make you look cool, just immature!

DO choose your friends wisely! There are many different kinds of people here. Don’t let the fact that is a Christian school fool you, there are many people here who don’t walk the straight and narrow. Don’t let them lead you astray!

DO get involved in the clubs! Especially ones related to your major. It will help you substantially when you get out of college, and you’ll also make friends in your same major.

DO find friends who will help your spiritual life bloom, not wither.

DO go to chapel. Number 1, you need the chapel credits or you’ll be emptying your wallet at the end of the semester. Number 2, yeah it sucks getting up to be at chapel at 9am, but suck it up. Spend some time with the God who took the time to create you and plan your life.

DO be careful of what you eat in the cafeteria. You may find yourself making bathroom trips more frequently….. I’ll leave it at that.

DO NOT sit down at a table in the cafeteria with a bunch of people you don’t know, it’s awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved.

DO NOT spend all your fire funds within the first week of getting them. You are going to regret it. I promise you.

DO NOT EVER pick up a green tray in the cafeteria, nor in the cafe. Everyone will know you’re Freshmeat.

DO NOT wear the lanyards they give you… Freshmeat, once again.

DO talk to people about teachers before you decide to take a class. Some are boring, some interesting, monotone, give a lot of work, and some are just plain bad.

DO your homework on time!! Take the time to work before you play. They will take away your scholarships and grants if your GPA drops too low.

DO save your class skips ’til you really need it, or on a day when it’s really worth it, like someone just gave you free tickets to Busch Gardens! Definitely worth it!

DON’T worry! Everyone’s going through the same thing you are, don’t be afraid to talk to someone if you genuinely just need to let some stress out.

DO remember that God is always in control!

Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?” – Matthew 6:27

Enjoy your college career and, as my friend always says, make good choices! Congratulations! You can now, at least partially, bypass the uncool freshmen state of being.


4 Responses to "Freshmen: Listen up!"

(Looking at you bloggin’ it up.)
Excellent point. Definitely A+ work.

Thanks girly! I’m back in a Nixon class, that is why my blog has suddenly been revived lol. Miss you! ❤

Ha that’s what it sounded like 😉 Unless you had a sudden compassion for the freshmen class that I never saw before..
Miss you too! Have fun! 🙂

HAHA All your advice points made me laugh! Freshman would help themselves out a lot if they read your blog Tiana!

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