Tiana Holding

Southeastern Makes the News

Posted on: April 29, 2010

Southeastern University was recently printed in the Lakeland Ledger, although not for a good reason. At the beginning of this week, Southeastern’s Student Life representative sent out an email to everyone, including staff, faculty and students concerning our safety here on campus. It was no more than a few tips on how to keep safe on campus. Most students probably shrugged it off and deleted the message as no big deal, i know i did. Later however, i found out through a friend on Facebook that our school was mentioned in the Lakeland Ledger. The headline, “Southeastern Worker Robbed At Gunpoint on Campus“, was printed on Monday, April 26 at 8:52 pm. You can read the story for yourself at the Lakeland Ledger website.

Here’s where the school went wrong. Instead of notifying the student body and the campus about the recent happenings on campus, they simply kind of just swept it under the rug and sent out a little fair-weather email about making sure to take extra steps to keep safe on campus. The story was bound to come out, and so they should have taken matters into their own hands and made some kind of statement about the issue before it just began to circulate within the student body, because then no one knows the real story and it most likely will end up getting twisted until the story is way worse than the actual happening was. Better steps could have been taken that to just do nothing at all. And as we’ve learned, the worst thing you can do as a PR representative is to do nothing at all and in this case, that is what was done.

Here’s a picture of the composite sketch that was drawn off of the worker’s description.


2 Responses to "Southeastern Makes the News"

I was just like you. I shrugged off the e-mail I received because it seemed as though it was just a routine message dealing with the end of the year. But then I found out that someone was taken at gun-point and forced to take out money from an ATM..that struck me as odd that no one would have said anything. I concerns our safety but we didn’t know about it. It’s possible that man was still walking around campus but we didn’t know about it. The school’s pr rep or whoever handles the news for the school needed to send a statement and let the student body know something had happened. We didn’t need details but it would have been nice to know my campus isn’t safe and anyone can just waltz right on without anyone knowing. I think it’s important the the school let’s us know when suck problems arise.

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