Tiana Holding

The most magical proposal

Posted on: April 27, 2010

This was a stunt of a PR event put on by Disney. I know many people thought it was real, including me, but it turns out that there were different takes of this same proposal and they just don’t match up. There has been much controversy on the issue of this proposal being fake and people have analyzed and it and posted rebuttal videos proving that it is not real. Either way, it was very magical and a good publicity stunt on Disney’s part.


6 Responses to "The most magical proposal"

I remember watching this video in class, and I, too, totally fell for it. I thought it was a legitimate proposal, so I guess the joke was on me! It was interesting to watch and a great way to gain publicity, though! Personally, although it seems pretty magical, I’m not sure I would want to get proposed to in this manner. I love everything Disney, but I was almost feeling embarrassed for the girl as I watched this video. Surrounded by unfamiliar spectators, random singers, and a slightly crazy boyfriend, I don’t think I’d be jumping up and down with excitement. Instead, I’d be humiliated. I would probably want to disappear and I might even say “no” after going through that! Some people might like all the attention, but the whole idea just seems a little too bizarre to me. Maybe a less public proposal underneath the fireworks would be better.

I totally agree with you. I would also feel embarrased by this public display. I, too, was feeling a bit embarrassed for the woman he proposed to as it was going on. I would personally have much enjoyed a more quiet, personal proposal that was not a public spectacle for everyone to witness. The idea of proposing in Disney was definitely magical but the way in which it was done could definitely have been toned down a bit. I actually was just in Disney this past weekend. I love Disney and it would be like a dream for me to get married in Cinderella’s castle but the whole propsal was too much.

I remember watching this in class and I was shocked by it. I don’t know if I would like to be proposed in this public of a way. I’ve heard that it was fake and put on by Disney to show off Disney weddings. Either way it is pretty cool and really interesting. I think a dancing/singing man is a little over the top for me, but some women would find it romantic. I’ve only been to Disney twice in my entire life and so the magic of Disney hasn’t hit me, but kudos to them for creating the publicity whether it’s real or fake.

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