Tiana Holding

Name the Puppy

Posted on: April 27, 2010

During this semester in PR Applications, i have learned many different things that i previously was unaware of for the PR Professional world. There were many new, interesting things that came to my attention during the semester but to narrow it down, i have come up with the top ten things i found to be the most helpful in the class. I’m going to tell you my top ten by naming a puppy. And the name i decided on was Sprinkles!

S – Social Networking. Make sure that you are signed up with many different social networks. Social networking is a great way to get yourself out there and to meet new people in the PR professional field.

P – Public. Be sure to realize the public that you are going to be speaking or presenting to so that the information and the way you present your information is relevant and will go over smoothly.

R – Research. Do alot of research before making any serious decisions on promotions or events or anything of that sort that you are planning.

I – Interviewing. The PR professional interview was one of the most educational things for me during the course of this class. It helped me get a closer look from the eyes of an actual PR professional.

N – News Releases. News/ Press releases are very importnant and vital part of the PR profession. These are always being put out.\

K- Key is communication. Communication skills are key in this business. You’re going to have to be very open and able to communicate with all kinds of people. Basic communication skills are a necessity.

L – Learn good writing skills. Keep writing. It is crucial to know how to write and write well in the PR field. You will be doing a lot of writing and if your writing isn’t up to par, you will not make it. With writing errors, your work is bound to get looked over and tossed.

E – Enjoy your work. It is very important that you enjoy what you;re doing and that you especially enjoy writing. If you don’t enjoy it, you probably won’t go far. On top of that, you’re going to be miserable everyday.

S – Stay up to date with the PR world. Keep yourself in the loop on what’s going on in the PR world around you. Keep linked in and keep up with what other PR professionals are doing.

! – The exclamation is for your Resume. Your resume is a very important, crucial part of work. Your resume can make or break you. Make sure that you get someone who is able to help you make a good, professional resume that can get you in the door and behind a desk right off the bat.


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[…] Tiana Holding “Enjoy your work: It is very important that you enjoy what you’re doing and that you especially enjoy writing. If you don’t enjoy it, you probably won’t go far. On top of that, you’re going to be miserable everyday.” […]

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