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Posted on: April 27, 2010


Comment to MeganGinger:


Your tips are things i did not even think about when writing comments. These make a good point and are definitely essential to know when commenting. I will definitely put the first tip to use, “Be respectful in your critique.” Is it something i think i will have to work on, i’ve always had trouble with saying things the wrong way.


Comment to relating2thepublic:


Hahahaha. This made me laugh. Thanks for sharing. Going over this list, i found that i do say two of these things. I definitely thought it was funny but i doubt i’m going to stop saying it just because i read this saying it was annoying. lol. Thanks for the laugh.


In Response to brhuis:


I totally agree with you. I would also feel embarrassed by this public display. I, too, was feeling a bit embarrassed for the woman he proposed to as it was going on. I would personally have much enjoyed a more quiet, personal proposal that was not a public spectacle for everyone to witness. The idea of proposing in Disney was definitely magical but the way in which it was done could definitely have been toned down a bit. I actually was just in Disney this past weekend. I love Disney and it would be like a dream for me to get married in Cinderella’s castle but the whole proposal was too much.


comment to writersblock501 (Steph Schroefer):


HAHA. These videos make me literally lol, laugh out loud. I have actually seen the baby dancing video in my Comm Theory class. My professor showed it as an example of how children are affected by media and how they imitate what they see. I thought it was interesting because the baby is so taken in by the music and what he’s seeing that he is trying to mimic it. Whenever they would kick their leg, there would be the baby following in suit, kicking his leg. And the other video is funny too. This song has definitely gained a lot of popularity since it’s come out. I think maybe it has to do with the musicality and also the message that Beyonce is portraying. We all know what it’s like to be a “single lady.”


comment to writersblock501:


Stuff like this amuses me and it seems as though everyone is catching onto this kind of promoting. I have seen this same tactic in so many different videos and for so many different companies, organizations and groups now. It’s like a hot potato that just keeps getting passed. Kudos to the person that started this, it’s becoming a phenomenon. 🙂


comment to writersblock501:


This was a good idea to just make one post of the link for the book instead of putting the link in every single post of chapter notes. Good job Steph! Hope this is okay. I would copy you and do the same but unfortunately I have already gone through every chapter notes post of mine and added the link, not as easy.


comment to writersblock501:


You had some really good tips. Some tips that you wrote down are some that i either did not even think about or was aware of or some i just simply forgot about and it didn’t cross my mind. One of the things you said that i had forgotten to put down as a tip is the ### at the end of your news release. And definitely the “5 w’s and an h” is very helpful in writing a news release.


comment to chainsworth:


This was a really interesting and valuable assignment for me. It really helped me to see what life was like as a PR professional. You are so lucky that Brittany is your fiancee and that you didn’t have to look far for advice and for your interview. I love Brittany and i remember being there and talking to her when she first started and how she was kind of down because she felt so insignificant but after a while she got the hang of things and feels much mroe secure now.


2 Responses to "Comments"

You’re comment about comments- WoW! That is profound. I know this doesn’t count, but I thought it would be funny 🙂

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