Tiana Holding

Chapter 14 Notes

Posted on: April 27, 2010

Public Relations – Strategies and Tactics

Chapter 14 – News Releases, Media Alerts, and Pitch Letters

The news release is the most commonly used public relations tactic. Publicity photos often accompany news releases to make a story more appealing. Photos must be high-resolution and well composed.

A mat release is a form of a news release but primarily with a feature angle instead of hard news. They provide consumer information and tips in an objective manner with only a brief reference to the nonprofit or corporation that has distributed the information through a distribution firm.

Advisories, or alerts, let journalists know about an upcoming even such as a news conference or photo or interview opportunities.

A media/press kit, is typically a folder containing news releases, photos, fact sheets, and features about a new product, an event, or other newsworthy projects by an organization.

Pitch letters can be letters, emails, or even phone calls to journalists and editors of story ideas about their client.

Publicity materials can be distributed in five ways:

  1. mail
  2. fax
  3. email
  4. electronic wire services
  5. web pressrooms

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