Tiana Holding

Chapters 1 and 13 notes

Posted on: April 27, 2010

Public Relations – Strategies and Tactics

Chapter 1 – What is Public Relations?

Public Relations is a process. It is a RACE.

  • Research
  • Action
  • Communication
  • Evaluation

Public Relations is not advertising. Public Relations is something newsworthy while advertisements are paid time slots.

Public relations is an “umbrella” title for different organizations such as public affairs, corporate affairs, global communications, etc.

Public relations is extremely valuable and the professionals are there to evaluate the information out there and shape and shave them to the public’s interests.

Chapter 13 – New Technologies in Public Relations

The internet has exploded into a mass communication medium. It has moved from a means for exchanging information to a global communications system.

Three key factors have made a major contribution to the explosion are:

  • fiber-optic cable
  • digital transmission of sound and pictures
  • wireless technologies

The internet’s use is worldwide, but virtually uncontrolled.

Public relations professionals rely on the computer and the internet for many various reasons including graphics production, online conferencing, email, the processing of news releases, etc. As time goes on, we rely more and more on the use of the internet to get our point across to the world.

Satellite transmission is also an important tool for the PR world.

Even with the growing use of the computer and internet, and the advancement of technology, traditional managerial judgement and people stills are still required.


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