Tiana Holding

Apple Ipad frenzy

Posted on: April 27, 2010

I thought that Mikelle’s post on “The 10 annoying phrases you need to stop using” was really quite funny and so i decided to check out the website and make a post of my own. I thought this article on the Apple iPad was appropriate since it just came out and there is such a craze about it. I personally am a fan of the iPad and Apple itself but i couldn’t resist reading. The article is not bashing the iPad, per say, but more just making a joke on how crazy people get about it. I do think it’s a pretty cool invention but i think it is a glorified iTouch with a few more capabilities. It is definitely not going to replace the computer or the laptop; it was not made to do that. It was simply made as a convenient handheld to help simplify people’s lives. Yet one more gadget to make life simple and convenient.

This is an interesting article because it’s so true for more than just the iPad. We let technological gadgets take over our lives. We seem to not even be able to function without some kind of technology. And the newer the technology, the better it is. We have to have it and we have to have it now. I wonder what our lives would be like without all the technological advancements that we have today and constantly rely on for our happiness. Could you go a day without technology, without your cellphone, laptop, iPad, iPod, iTouch?




1 Response to "Apple Ipad frenzy"

Tiana, this post was eye-opening! I had never really understood what this new technology was, but you made me curious to find out! Yes it is amazing to think how technology is so quickly advancing and taking over our “simple” lives. Thank you for opening my eyes to the iPad!

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