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#16 Top 10 tips for new bloggers

Posted on: April 12, 2010

Hello new bloggers. I was a new blogger myself at just the beginning of the 2010 semester. I honestly have not done very well with the blogging but here are some tips to make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes i did.

First off, don’t slack off, keep up with the topics every week.

Make sure to read the chapters each week as they are assigned so you can do the reading notes in your blogs.

Make sure to proofread your blogs before you post them. Grammatical errors can be a very big deal.

Write your blog posts in Microsoft Word, or Notepad or something first, so just in case something goes wrong with the web browser you don’t lose everything that you just typed out.

Comment on others blogs, that way you will get comments back. People like comments and will reciprocate. Even if you pair up with someone and pact to comment on each other’s blogs.

Actually put some thought into what you’re going to write.

Do things timely, especially the PR connections or you’ll have a lot of catching up to do.

Explore the Web site. If you’re new to blogging, explore the site and get a feel for it. Treat it as if it were a new home and get used to all the different pages and links and widgets.

Get yourself connected with some PR websites. So you have somewhere that you can go to find your PR connections and such, so you’re not constantly searching google for a PR connection.

Finally, make friends with a PR professional. It’ll be good for you in the long run. There are many benefits that can come out of having a friend in the field. You can maybe even use them later as a reference. 🙂


9 Responses to "#16 Top 10 tips for new bloggers"

Good post! I had a lot of the same tips for new bloggers. I think that one of the most important thing to remember when you are blogging for a specific class, is to keep up with the blogs. As you mentioned, don’t slack off. The more you get behind on your blog posts, the harder it gets to be creative, and most likely, your blog posts will become less and less inspiring to others, specially if you are rushing to get them done at the last minute. That is my personal opinion, but I think it is true for everyone.

Great advice! I agree that keeping up with everything is very important—it’s hard enough to post everything on a weekly basis, but after weeks or months of not posting, it’s that much more difficult to do later. Posting regularly prevents a lot of stress later in the semester.

Writing your posts in Microsoft Word is another smart tip! Not only is it a good idea to save your work in case something goes wrong online or on your computer, but it can also help you to proofread your work. You should check everything for errors yourself, of course, but letting spell check help you out can’t hurt! Sometimes the program catches spelling or grammatical errors that you may not notice yourself, and it can spare you the embarrassment of posting an error on a professional site. Professionals take these errors very seriously, so it’s worth the extra step to ensure everything is written correctly.

These were good tips you shared about doing blogs for classes. I know that I’ve had to do blogs for three different classes and have fallen behind and made some of the mistakes myself. I think it is important to have a peice of yourself in the blog and let it reflect you so that the reader has a better feel for who you are. I also believe it is important to know what you are talking about and add links so that you don’t post any wrong information or create a bad image for yourself. Good Post!

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Great Post, I am finding myself having to write furiously because I waited to long on some of the assignments. Blogging can be really fun and entertaining, but I do feel that you have to keep up with it daily. In a way it is a really great discipline to write daily, the lady I interviewed for PR class told me that you should write all the time if you want to be a PR person, because constantly writing and doing it for yourself will help prevent writer’s block. Great list, I think a lot of people will benefit from these ideas.

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Swell post T! I totally understand what you mean about blogging. It’s a whole new world. I mean, where can you go, and writer your thoughts about the day and what has happened to you? And where can you publish them where so many/countless people can read them even if you don’t want them to, they still can 🙂 Journal? noooo, blog it!

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