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PR Professional Interview

Posted on: April 12, 2010

Rhonda Kelly. A Public Relations professional for years. She started off working for a grocery store in her town after she graduated high school and ended up working her way to the top where her experience with public relations began. There was no PR professional in position and so being the manager she took on that responsibility. Eventually she moved on from the grocery store and found a job as a PR agent at another business office. She had always been a good writer but her passion for PR started at that grocery store. From there, she just moved up. Now she works side by side with my stepmom in their own PR and Event Managing company in the Cayman Islands. Because she lives so far away i had to conduct a phone interview. This is what she had to say.

A typical week for a PR professional is busy busy busy. Being a PR professional, you need to be making annual PR plans, something that you can work for. On top of having an annual PR plan, depending on how hectic a schedule you have, you should also have a week to week or day to day plan. During a typical week as a PR professional, you need to be constantly assessing where you are in your plan. You need to be getting in the media, making media appearances and writing press releases.

During her career as a PR professional, she worked on a project for Cable and Wireless, a phone company in the Caribbean. Cable and Wireless had been receiving a lot of negative publicity for a long time and their name had been run down. She was in charge of turning their name around and returning Cable and Wireless to a positive light. Rhonda and her team came up with a plan to combat the negative publicity against Cable and Wireless. They started publicizing good things about Cable and Wireless and put good media out there about the company. Within 6 months she started to see the media turn around. She saw results were starting to come through and get Cable and Wireless back into the limelight. Of course the work didn’t stop when she started to see results. More work was still needing to be done but it was a time stamp in the project.

How do you keep current in the PR industry? Read the paper. Read the trade publications in the paper and keep up with what’s going on in the PR industry. Keep up to date on how other PR’s are handling things and keep in touch with other PR professionals. Rhonda told me that she wish she would’ve known how important a degree would have been.  She also said that experience was very necessary to get into the PR business. Another important thing in PR is writing. You have to be a good writer and have good writing skills. Writing is EXTREMELY important as a PR professional. It plays a very significant role in the prefession and if there are errrors, your writing won’t even get a second glance, it will be thrown out. Keep writing and practice. Lastly, you must have passion. You must have passion in whatever you are doing.

The biggest tips are to make sure you have good writing skills, keep writing, get a degree and enjoy what you do. After hearing from her i am neither more likely or less likely to want to become a PR professional. As she said you have to enjoy what you do for a career and i have no interest and find no enjoyment in PR or PR writing. I will follow what i have passion for and pursue that as a career.

To Reach Rhonda Kelly, you can find her on Linked In at her user name RhondaKelly.


2 Responses to "PR Professional Interview"

This was a really good post and I totally agree with what you said about the importance of having a career in something that you are passionate about. I think that it is so important to spend your life and your career doing something that you are passionate. I know for me, I want to wake up knowing that I am going to a career that is influencing others for the better. I want to change people’s life; I want to inspire them to be great. I think that it is very important to figure out what you are passionate about and pursue that with all of your heart!

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