Tiana Holding

#8 Spring Break

Posted on: April 6, 2010

Spring Break. One week of freedom from school and homework… or so you would think. There are still many professors that think that you should still have work to do over our spring BREAK. Can’t we just get a week off to ourselves to do whatever we want and rest? For my spring break i took a trip home to Miami with my boyfriend to stay with my mom for the week. During the week i got to spend alot of quality time with my boyfriend, going to the beach, the pool, or to the mall or just hanging out at my home. I also got to spend time with my mom and sister but not as much as i would have hoped because my sister was still in school and my mom still had to work. But overall it had been a really nice, relaxing week. I was so glad for the break. I also got to take my boyfriend to one of my favorite beaches down in my hometown, Dania Beach. I was also happy about him being able to come home with me because he got to get better acquainted with my mom and spend some time with my sister as well. They seemed to have formed a friendship and are now friends with each other on facebook. It’s a wonderful feeling when your family and boyfriend get along so well. It was a very nice, restful week without school, in which i was extrememly glad for.


1 Response to "#8 Spring Break"

Hey girl hey.
That sounds awesome. Beaches are one of my favorite places to go when I want to get away and I love being able to share it with somebody close. I’m glad you and Boyfriend were able to.
I have never been to Miami but it seems alot of people are from there so that mOst likely means there’s something kinda cool about it. 🙂

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