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#5 Twitter

Posted on: February 9, 2010

Twitter is another online place where people can network. It is an online networking public where people can come and share their thoughts and experiences. Twitter for me is another place where i can share things with people. It is a place where you can get yourself connected to the right people, for a particular subject area. You can even just share some thoughts that are on your mind and give people a chance to respond and even make people think about things that they would not normally have really thought about in depth. It is also a place where you can stay connected with the world. Because so many people and companies are connected on twitter that it makes it such a great place to connect and network with people and even find great career opportunities. For me, right now, i am not so much using it for the career opportunities as for the networking with friends. Later on, i will probably use it more for that aspect.

The value that i have found in using twitter is the networking aspect of it. I believe it’s a great place to meet people involved in the same field of interest as you, or even have different interests. It’s really not so much goal driven for me as it is just solely for seeing my friends and others thoughts and getting to give them feedback and giving my thoughts so i can also receive feedback from others.

Twitter is a great place for any young adult, college aged person, or someone already out in the working world. It’s a great way to share your thoughts and network with people you already know and even to meet new people and expand your networking list for later.


3 Responses to "#5 Twitter"

As you were saying, I totally agree that twitter is a great way that you can share your thoughts with others and hear their thoughts as well. I love using twitter as an encouragement to others, or at least as a resource to inform others about different things that are going on, or different resources that they can use. I have used twitter before and use it for all of the different reasons that you listed. I think that it will be very beneficial throughout college and as we get ready to graduate and try and find a job. As technology advances, we must advance with it, or we will be left in the dust.

I completely agree that Twitter is a valuable asset for finding people that share a common interest in profession, although I do believe Facebook is a all-around better social networking tool because of it’s wide variety of functions and assets that Twitter just doesn’t have, like photo albums, video uploads, applications, more personalization with posting your info. But Twitter is not entirely useless, because it is better for linking up with people of common interests in a faster manner than facebook. Then, once you all find each other on twitter, you can befriend each other on facebook and stop communicating via twitter! haha

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