Tiana Holding

#2 “Public”

Posted on: February 1, 2010

What is a public? This question can have different answers, depending on each individual’s view on it. i would say that a public is the people. It’s people who are apart of some kind of broadcast or media. Whether you are simply watching or taking part in some way. The different publics that i am involved in include facebook, myspace, and a general public, Southeastern University.

I am a pretty active public in the facebook scene. Meaning, i check it regularly and make status updates/ posts, comment on others walls, pictures and posts, and are involved in many groups on facebook. I started using facebook when i got to college. Before that i had been an avid “myspacer” The best thing about facebook to me is it’s great use for networking. I have many friends and family members that are not in my immediate life and are not close to me so i do not get to communicate with them on a regular basis. Facebook takes out the borders and the distance. Even people that i used to speak to years ago and got out of touch with have found me on facebook and we are now able to talk again. Facebook is a great network and public that i love being a part of.

Another public i am a part of but not nearly as active in anymore is myspace. I got a myspace many years ago when myspace was cool. Now i barely ever am on and am no longer an active public of it. Myspace is also a good place for networking but it is more open which to me was the disadvantage to it. There were many different kinds of people on myspace, including not so nice people. After a while, it seemed to have become a haven for pedophiles. Whereas i used to be on all the time, wasting time that i should’ve been using to do hw years ago, i now only check any updates i may have gotten every few months.

As a general public, i am a part of the Southeastern University public. I live on campus and go to classes during the week just as every other student here on campus. I have friends who we say a quick hello as we pass each other on the way to class and others that i eat meals with. The Southeastern public is more close than the online networking publics because these are people you see on, pretty much, a daily basis. You get to interact with the people on campus often, on and off campus. We are under the general authority of the head of the campus and every once in a while we voice our opinions and something is changed in our favor. We, being a part of Southeastern University are not only a public but a community and a family.


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