Tiana Holding


Posted on: February 1, 2010

Why are comments such an integral part of blogs? What advice would you offer on writing effective blog comments?

Comments are an integral part of blogging because when you blog things, you might not be fully correct or current and not have the full knowledge on the subject you are speaking about. This is where comments come in. When other people read your blog and they know something that you don’t or know a bit more than you, are a bit more experienced or something along those lines, they can leave you a note on your blog letting you know current, up to date details on the subject and maybe inform you on some new information that you had not known before and better your knowledge in that subject.

The way to effectively comment is to comment with tips on the person’s writing on how they could maybe have said something better to make it more appealing to everyone. Also, when you comment, if you have read something in their blog which you know to be out of date or not true, commenting is the best way to let them know so they may fix the issue. They, perhaps did not even know, or would not even have known that it was not current if you had not left a comment. Another thing that you can do in commenting is add on to what the blogger has already said if you have extra information. And one of the best things to do is just rebuttal. Show the blogger a different point of view he/she may not have seen before.


2 Responses to "#3 Comments"

I love how you first started out discussing about how other people might know a little bit more and might want to add to your blog. Some people might not be as up to date with that subject area as they thought.

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